about us

Dynamic Salvage Management was founded in June 2002 with the specific purpose of providing professional expertise and innovative services to the insurance industry and other prospective clients who require a centralized and tailored outsource solution for their motor salvage needs.
From the outset, the vision of the founding members has been to provide the highest level of client service available in the motor salvage industry, so doing increasing the efficiency and financial results of our clients’ vehicle salvage departments.
Dynamic Salvage Management’s core business is to provide a range of services geared towards streamlining the complexities of motor salvage. Used together or independently, these services provide unrivalled efficiency.
Information technology is an integral element of our business and as such our clients are able to keep track of their stock throughout South Africa via our web site.
Dynamic Salvage Management is situated in Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town. The three branches are strategically positioned to enable us to provide our superior service throughout South Africa. 


This is the official site of Dynamic Salvage Management. Feel free to browse our site for information on stolen recovered and accident damaged vehicles. We have branches across the country and take pride in our 'Nationwide Coverage'.