A vehicle salvage company that makes YOUR job easier.

Dynamic Salvage Management's core business is to provide a range of services geared towards streamlining the complexities of motor salvage. Whether used together or independently, these services provide unrivalled efficiency.

Effective motor salvage management begins and ends with industry experience. A comprehensive understanding of total loss claims is an integral part of effectively managing and improving the motor salvage process. By combining years of experience gained in the salvage industry, a skilled and motivated work force, modern facilities and a multitude of special services, Dynamic Salvage Management can offer clients unsurpassed vehicle salvage services.

Dynamic Salvage Management presently has a storage capacity of approximately 8,000 m² at our Johannesburg branch, 5,000 m² at our Pietermaritzburg branch and 3000 m² at our Cape Town branch. Each branch has covered storage areas to protect our clients’ vehicles from further depreciation due to the elements. We minimize our clients’ risk exposure by insuring all vehicles from the time of collection until finalisation of the claim. In addition, security measures are in place at our branches to eliminate the risk of losses.

All administration processes are controlled from our head office in Johannesburg, from where the necessary information and documents relating to salvaged vehicles are disseminated to our other branches. All payments to our clients are made from head office and the cheques are delivered to their premises.

Due to our flat structure, we are able to adapt rapidly to changes and challenges in our industry and to meet our clients’ needs on an on-going basis. Dynamic Salvage management is driven to deliver.

Our vehicle salvage company’s Social Responsibility Contributions

As part of our social responsibility programme, Dynamic Salvage Management makes a monthly donation to Boys Town. We believe that our monthly contribution to this worthy cause will in play a role in securing a brighter future for the residents.


This is the official site of Dynamic Salvage Management. Feel free to browse our site for information on stolen recovered and accident damaged vehicles. We have branches across the country and take pride in our 'Nationwide Coverage'.